Volunteer In Africa – Serve A Social Cause

Generally, the word “volunteer” brings up pictures of serving food in soup kitchens, helping the aged in a nursing home, or helping with animals in a shelter. But what if this word meant something more? What if you could not only assist in serving a community by donating a few hours at a time, but serve yourself as well by becoming completely involved in the volunteer process? What many people don’t know is that there are programs dedicated to making your experience just as pleasing for you as for the individuals you are serving. With international volunteering prospects, you can volunteer in Africa, traveling to communities in foreign lands like Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Ghana.

By getting in touch with an agency like International Volunteer HQ, you can select accurately the program that is most suitable for your needs. Many students opt to be a gap year volunteer, which permits them to take a year off prior to, during, or after attending college. This enables young adults to gain an experience which goes far beyond the traditional classroom teaching. Students who opt for this option will be amazed at what they can realize in just a very short amount of time, not only gaining knowledge of the ethnicity of different communities, but learning to apply their realistic knowledge in a much worldlier approach. Most of all, students are given the opportunity to learn about themselves in an atmosphere which draws them into the experience, fostering a deeper appreciation for how members of different cultures live their lives, and pushing people to succeed in an environment outside of their comfort zone.

These same international volunteering opportunities are available to individuals of all ages, for lengths of time varying from one week to six months, and the specific volunteer opportunities include a wide variety of activities. For example, if you are looking to volunteer in Kenya, you will have the chance to choose from activities such as teaching in both urban and rural locations, helping out at local orphanages, assisting with sports education, HIV/AIDS work, medical placement, women’s education programs, and even music education. All programs offered by International Volunteering HQ are very reasonable, with the aim of making these international volunteering opportunities available to all who look to experience them.

Regardless of how you choose to help, when you decide to volunteer in Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana or Uganda, you can be certain that you’ll not only be improving the lives of the society you are serving, but improving your own life as well.

Experience a Tanzania Safari

There is something simply magical about going on a Tanzania safari. It maybe the sheer vastness of the area that has an almost untouched quality to it, or it could be the wildlife we get to experience. Whatever the reasons, Tanzania is a must visit at least once. Seeing the wildlife at the Serengeti National Park is without a doubt an intense experience. We realize the majesty of the natural world when we are faced with the Serengeti. Once out of our concrete jungle we are made to realize how tiny we are in the scope of things. It is its true wilderness that is its biggest appeal. These are experiences that can only be delivered by Tanzania safari holidays.

It is a known fact that the Serengeti is where the annual wildebeest migration happens which is the largest recorded mass movement of animals. It is also home to an abundance of flora and fauna. All of this combined with its remote quality make it a unique experience for visitors.

Visit Tanzania and you would be closer to climbing the world renowned Mount Kilimanjaro. It is a great challenge, not to be taken up by the faint hearted. However, it is a summit that is accessible by people who are not necessarily professional climbers. That is great for people who do not have rock or mountain climbing experience, but would like give the experience a go. Reaching the summit is strenuous trek which takes days to reach and should only be attempted by people who are physically fit. Yet the ascent requires no special rock climbing equipment. As a result there is no need for prior training. It is a climb that has to be done by sheer muscle and will power.

Other places of interest to visit in Tanzania are the Lake Manyara and the Ngorongoro Crater which have amazing landscapes and varied terrains. There is an abundance of game to be viewed as well. Rich in history Zanzibar brings to mind its Arabian influence. It was indeed a hot spot for Arabian traders who brought to it their amazing spices and vitality. These spice markets are still available today. Zanzibar it is a great way to relax after an intense safari adventure. It has beautiful golden beaches which are perfect to relax tired bodies. With rejuvenating dips in the clear blue waters, a visit to Zanzibar puts the vitality back into visitors. This is why most opt to end their Tanzania holiday in Zanzibar.

Enjoying The Marvels Of Australia's Melbourne

Tourism has always been a big part of the Australian economy. There are amazing sights and sceneries that can be found in the biggest island of the world. Its famous beaches and waters make it among the best destinations for surfers, divers and beach bums all over the world. It is home to the most amazing collection of natural structures, animals and vegetation. There is little that cannot be found in Australia.

One of the most famous locations found in Australia is the city of Melbourne. Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria and is located along the southern part of Australia. This booming economic metropolis has been one of the most visited locations in Australia for years. It attracts locals as well as international travelers because of its diverse attractions and amazing locations. It is considered to the cultural hub of the area as well as a tourist hot spot.

The city of Melbourne is busy all year round because of the various sporting events it holds. It hosts events that cater to the region, the country and sometimes even sporting events that attract people from all over the world. Locations such as the Federations Square and the Melbourne Cricket Ground are famous for hosting such world class events.

There are also many cultural attractions scattered throughout the city. There is the Eureka Tower, also known as the Eureka Skydeck. This towering structure is the highest point in the region and has a viewing cube available for the public. There is also the National Gallery of Australia, which houses the largest collection of art in the continent, as well many other cultural sites such as the Royal Exhibition Building and the Melbourne Museum.

What makes Melbourne unique as a tourist destination is its urban side. Aside from the usual travels and tours, Melbourne offers the very best restaurants. There are a variety of quality restaurants strips and sites located all over the area. There are also modern cafes and clubs found all over the city, suited for those who prefer to relax or let loose in the night time.

Melbourne’s central business district makes it the center for the arts, commerce, entertainment and tourism. It has a healthy offering of tourist destinations as well as laid back attractions and events. Aside from being one of the best places to visit for tourists, it is also considered one of the best places to live in the world.

Explore The Best of China on Splendid Hikings

For young travel-lovers, hiking is a good way to explore the best of a place. In this way, you not only pay a visit to the normal but famous attractions but also find some interesting but less-visited place. In China, tourists can experience the magnificent mountains, the fantastic rivers and beaches, the historical and cultural heritages. Although it is not easy for hikers to explore China, it is worth your efforts. The following hiking routes will be listed for your reference.

No. 1 Three Gorges of Yangtze River

Undoubtedly, Yangtze River should not be missed because of magnificent, charming and elegant sights along the river. Hiking through the Three Gorges will make you experience the pure natural beauty. But before you hiking, you should prepare fully and make a detailed hiking plan because hiking Three Gorges are full of risk.

No. 2 The Great Wall

As a Chinese saying goes “He who doesn’t reach the Great Wall is not a true man”, the Great Wall is a must-see for your hiking journey in China. But for most hikers, it is impossible to hike the whole journey, so most of visitors choose the part of the Great Wall. The most popular hiking sections are from Miyun to Jinshanling, Jinshanling to Simatai and Gubeikou to Jinshanling.

No.3 Mt. Everest

Climbing Mt.Everest is a big challenge for most hikers and the difficulties and dangers will be unimaginable so you should make sure that your body condition are the best to start your journey. Before your journey, you should check and ask the locals the most-climbed routes. By the way, you should prepare some standing drugs and specific drug to resist sickness of high altitude.

No. 4 Motuo

Motuo is situated at the southeast of the Tibetan Autonomous Region. Until now it is still the only county in China with no highway. Here you can witness the images of Shangri-la. It is also the paradise for adventurers and travellers. It will takes you about 9 days to finish the 80-kilometer route from Peixiang to Damu.

No. 5 Tiger Leaping Gorge

IIt is a very famous place in China to hike. You will meet hikers of different nationalities and complexions. The gorge is located 60 kilometers north of Lijiang City, Yunnan. It will take you about two days. By the way, it is not very difficult and dangerous to hike by comparison with that of Mt.Everest.

The Alluring City of Hyderabad and its Attractions

Known as the city of dreams, Mumbai is the largest city of India. The high spirit of the city is contagious and addictive. The best and beautiful architecture such as the Gateway of India, ChhatrapatiShivaji Terminus, Marine Drive, Haji Ali and many others can be found in the heart of Mumbai. A variety of bazaars, temples, fancy restaurants and nightlife are seen once ventured into the lesser known lanes of Mumbai.

The capital of southern India’s Telangana state, Hyderabad is an alluring city from its biriyani to its historical structures. With a lot of history, buzzing with commerce is the city of Hyderabad exploring the lanes with its chai shops and spice merchants. Hyderabad has numerous attractions and monuments, and is a haven for tourists from across the country and world.

Take a look at the different places that can be visited once you are in this beautiful city:


One of the most prominent landmarks located in the heart of the city during the infamous shift of the capital from Golconda to Hyderabad. It got its name from its structure as it consists of four minarets. The imposing structure looks awe-inspiring during the night when it is illuminated.

RamojiFilm City:

Set up in 1996, Ramoji film city is a beautiful holiday get away with cinematic themes. It is certified as the World’s most massive Film studio Complex by the Guinness World Records. RamojiFilm City is a famous Indian destination that fascinates millions of people annually due to its exceptional and stunning themes.

Chowmahalla palace:

One of the most eye-catching monuments, the Chowmahalla Palace was constructed in 1869 in Hyderabad. This splendid monument served as the official residence of the Nizams of Hyderabad during their reign. The palace is designed very intricately and is well known for its unique style and elegance which holds a unique Nawabi charm in itself.

Golconda Fort:

To the west of the city, the imposing Golconda fort is situated. Nearly 9 kilometers away, from the HussainSagar Lake, the Fort is a sight of majesty. It is one of the largest forts in India, and has been the site of numerous battles over the years. A breathtaking display of light and sound occurs during the evenings at the fort.

Golconda Fort comes to life with the light and sound show which takes place during the evenings. It serves as an excellent view of its incredible history, and the rise and fall of the fort are illustrated.

HussainSagar Lake:

Renowned as Asia’s largest artificial lake, the HussainSagar Lake is one of the most popular tourist spots. Ibrahim QuliQutub Shah built the lake in 1563. The HussainSagar is well-known for numerous activities. Fish rearing and culture, boating and water sports are quite common. The major attraction, however, is the colossal Buddha statue at the center.

So, what are you waiting for? Go check out the Mumbai to Hyderabad Flights Schedule and visit the charming city of Hyderabad!

Why Lesotho Holidays Are Moments To Own A Tropical Get-Away

Traveling is an excellent mode for gaining information. We recognize so a lot of things once we travel to a variety of locations. The reasons for visiting new locations may well differ because some people travel for business, some travel to satisfy their relatives, some to invest pressure no price vacations, some for enjoyment and a few out of curiosity. But what ever could be the purpose, traveling is a great supply of knowledge and leisure.

There are numerous exotic travel locations throughout the planet and one amazing location where you obtain a whole lot of chance to learn although traveling is Lesotho. The beauty of Lesotho is worth seeing as nature has bestowed all this elegance and charm on this amazing country. It leaves you with ample kinds in its diversity to enjoy.

To appreciate a trip to Lesotho, the very first along with the foremost thing that needs to be done is contacting an expert travel agent. He will tutorial you in regards for the destinations you might be going to visit, exceptional Lesotho travel offers, several accommodation selections like high end hotels, budget hotels in Lesotho, bread and breakfast accommodations and travel lodges.

You’ll be able to also consider the assistance of these Lesotho travel agents to book flights to Lesotho. Now a day, you might also pick out the best travel bundle for yourself and get the bookings done on the web. You can also avail excellent offers like travel insurance and discount travel deals with these online tour bookings.

Lesotho is a hospitable nation, with warm and affectionate people, and below one sun, it provides you with exotic locations, mouth watering meals and religious potency. The major activities include horse riding, mountain climbing, hiking and the most important being the Pony trekking. It is the most famous activity enjoyed by the tourists. The visitors can enjoy the beautiful landscapes and the mountains. Some of the eminent locations to visit in Lesotho are the Drakensberg Mountains, Sehlabathebe National Park, gigantic Thaba-Bosiu Mountain, etc.

Thus regardless of if you’re visiting Lesotho for some business travel, journey travel, and spiritual or family holiday travel, definitely a visit to Lesotho can never be the final journey and it is certain that you can’t resist visiting this location again.

Fishing in Dubai Experience The Whole New Fishing Trip

Need a break for fun? Searching fro the right kind of holiday destination? This is the right spot to get the desired information. Dubai is one city which is no less than a paradise on earth. Dubai is one city that makes up to the perfect holiday destination spot. There are quite a few things that one can look forward to in city of lights. Fishing Trip Dubai is one of the most major attractions in Dubai. There are so many attractive creatures found in the waters if Dubai.

Fishes like cobia, king fish, travallies, hamour, barracudas, snapper, queenfish, sultan Ibrahim and there are some different types found here. It’s fun and exciting to hunt down these fishes in the deep and blue waters of Dubai. Close to the nature, the experience is mindboggling in itself. The location of fishing is located 54 kms away from the proper place of the city.

The beginners as well as the skilled anglers can make a good hand at this place of Fishing in Dubai. There are professionals here to assist with any kind of difficulty if raised. Early mornings and afternoons are the best time to hunt the desired species in the water of Dubai. One can make the Fishing in Dubai for a minimum of 4 hours and the maximum of 8 hours. The best way for going about the Fishing Trip Dubai is by hiring a privately rented yacht or a boat.

Once you sail through the privately rented yachts or a boat, there are so many other experiences that one can get a glance of. You can also some other water sports too. This is the perfect place to hang out with either friends or family.

The peaceful trip has much of an excitement hidden in depth. There is no way one can resist into the indulging of the amazing experiences in the city of Dubai. So hurry now and be the first one to get an access to the amazing experience of the fishing Dubai trip. Get lucky this season by the amazing walkthrough the sea and the beautiful surroundings of the place Dubai.

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Peruvian Hot Air Balloon Ride Crashes in Cold Coastal Waters

After an eight hour search in the Pacific Ocean off Peru, emergency responders rescued five women on Sunday who were stranded in icy cold waters after their hot air balloon crashed. Peruvian officials say two men remain missing.

“I hope we can find them as soon as possible. The two are still missing. We only know that one of them tried to swim ashore. The search will continue, even through the night, until they are found,” Interior Minister Wilfredo Pedraza told local media.

During the interview Pedraza did not tell reporters what caused the mishap. He did however say that the women were rescued and the search for the men is ongoing.

Using a police helicopter and navy boats, emergency respondents were able to pull the women out of the Pacific Ocean after a long, arduous search. The women were rushed to the hospital and treated for injuries.

Reports state that the balloon was red and white and was carrying six passengers plus a pilot. It was floating near Canete about 60 miles south of Lima, the capital of Peru.

Peruvian media stated that all those aboard the balloon were natives to the country and none were tourists.

Generally hot air balloon travel is safe. There are accidents, like in all modes of transportation, from time to time.

A few months ago, a hot air balloon touring an Egyptian city plummeted approximately 1,000 feet onto the ground below killing most of its passengers on impact. Reports stated that only two people survived, one was a native Egyptian and the other was a tourist.

All but two of the people aboard the hot air balloon were tourists who were simply attempting to get a better view of the Egyptian city of Luxor. Aboard were two Egyptians and 19 foreign passengers: nine touring from Hong Kong, four from Japan, three from Britain, two from France and one from Hungary, according to officials.

A day following the crash nineteen of the passengers were declared dead.

A British tourist and the pilot of the craft managed to survive but were injured and were rushed to the hospital where medical professionals helped them recover.

If you are hesitant to ride aboard a hot air balloon make sure to ask the operator for a maintenance schedule of the craft. There is less of chance that the balloon is going to crash if it is well maintained. If you crash on a body of water, stay put until rescuers arrive, especially in dangerous conditions.

Peruvian Hot Air Balloon Ride Crashes in Cold Coastal Waters

The Best Wildlife Sanctuaries in Shimla

Shimla, the capital city of Himachal Pradesh, is one of the most popular hill stations in north region of India. The term hill station was created during the British rule in India. Hill stations are pleasant destinations, with moderate climate, located on elevated grounds which made them popular for Brits who had troubles in getting used to the hot and humid climate in other parts of India. Shimla is surrounded by snow clad mountains of Himalaya Range, and it is a very popular tourist destination that attracts thousands of tourists every year.

The snowy mountain peaks that envelop Shimla Valley offer breathtaking view to tourists, and its hilly terrain is covered with evergreen forests of oak, rhododendron and pine. And to add to the peace and serenity of the location, traffic is banned from most of the central area known as Mall. Nothing can compare to pristine air of Shimla.

Shimla Tourism:

Considering the preferences and interests of tourists, Shimla tourism is offering a lot of different recreational activities. During your Shimla tour you can take a long walks in through the forests, go trekking and camping in the mountains, have a picnic on several popular picnic spots, go ice skating or even play golf. Shimla tours are popular for those who enjoy quiet and relaxing vacation, but also for those who enjoy adventure and excitement.

One of the reasons Shimla is popular as a tourist destination in North India, is because of its wildlife tourism. Several wildlife sanctuaries are offering tourists a great opportunity to explore extraordinary flora and fauna of this region.

Popula Shimla wildlife sanctuaries:

Churdhar Sanctuary: This unique wildlife sanctuary is situated in the Solan Valley in Shimla district. If you decide to visit Churhar, you will be able to see musk deer, barking dear, black bears, langurs, beautiful leopards and colourful monals.

Chail Sanctuary: Located 49 kilometres from Shimla, Chail is home to sambar, large deer, common in this part of Asia together with barking deer, muntjac, goral, that looks like a combination of goat and anthelope, rhesus macaque, leopard, bear, wild boar and porcupine.While visiting Chail you can also explore Chail Palace, famous for its architectural style, and the world?s highest cricket ground owned by the royal family.

Nature Park: It is the most frequently visited place in Kufri, located close to Shimla. Besides incredible rich forests and beautiful orchids that grow there, in this wildlife park you can also see snow leopard and common leopard, Tibetan wolf, brown and black bears, different species of deers and rare birds.

Daranghati Sanctuary: While on your Shimla tour, you can also visit this wildlife sanctuary that is home to several species of pheasants that will thrill every bird unique wildlife sanctuary also has some other species like flying squirrel, palm civet, blue sheep, Himalayan weasel, Himalayan Ibex, leopard, hyena and several types of deers.

All the wildlife parks and sanctuaries in Shimla district are perfectly maintained by the Forest Department. Every considerable step has been taken by the department to save the endangered species of birds and animals from extinction. The best time for your Shimla tour package and visiting these places would be from April till June and from October till November.