Volunteer In Africa – Serve A Social Cause

Generally, the word “volunteer” brings up pictures of serving food in soup kitchens, helping the aged in a nursing home, or helping with animals in a shelter. But what if this word meant something more? What if you could not only assist in serving a community by donating a few hours at a time, but serve yourself as well by becoming completely involved in the volunteer process? What many people don’t know is that there are programs dedicated to making your experience just as pleasing for you as for the individuals you are serving. With international volunteering prospects, you can volunteer in Africa, traveling to communities in foreign lands like Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Ghana.

By getting in touch with an agency like International Volunteer HQ, you can select accurately the program that is most suitable for your needs. Many students opt to be a gap year volunteer, which permits them to take a year off prior to, during, or after attending college. This enables young adults to gain an experience which goes far beyond the traditional classroom teaching. Students who opt for this option will be amazed at what they can realize in just a very short amount of time, not only gaining knowledge of the ethnicity of different communities, but learning to apply their realistic knowledge in a much worldlier approach. Most of all, students are given the opportunity to learn about themselves in an atmosphere which draws them into the experience, fostering a deeper appreciation for how members of different cultures live their lives, and pushing people to succeed in an environment outside of their comfort zone.

These same international volunteering opportunities are available to individuals of all ages, for lengths of time varying from one week to six months, and the specific volunteer opportunities include a wide variety of activities. For example, if you are looking to volunteer in Kenya, you will have the chance to choose from activities such as teaching in both urban and rural locations, helping out at local orphanages, assisting with sports education, HIV/AIDS work, medical placement, women’s education programs, and even music education. All programs offered by International Volunteering HQ are very reasonable, with the aim of making these international volunteering opportunities available to all who look to experience them.

Regardless of how you choose to help, when you decide to volunteer in Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana or Uganda, you can be certain that you’ll not only be improving the lives of the society you are serving, but improving your own life as well.

Explore The Best of China on Splendid Hikings

For young travel-lovers, hiking is a good way to explore the best of a place. In this way, you not only pay a visit to the normal but famous attractions but also find some interesting but less-visited place. In China, tourists can experience the magnificent mountains, the fantastic rivers and beaches, the historical and cultural heritages. Although it is not easy for hikers to explore China, it is worth your efforts. The following hiking routes will be listed for your reference.

No. 1 Three Gorges of Yangtze River

Undoubtedly, Yangtze River should not be missed because of magnificent, charming and elegant sights along the river. Hiking through the Three Gorges will make you experience the pure natural beauty. But before you hiking, you should prepare fully and make a detailed hiking plan because hiking Three Gorges are full of risk.

No. 2 The Great Wall

As a Chinese saying goes “He who doesn’t reach the Great Wall is not a true man”, the Great Wall is a must-see for your hiking journey in China. But for most hikers, it is impossible to hike the whole journey, so most of visitors choose the part of the Great Wall. The most popular hiking sections are from Miyun to Jinshanling, Jinshanling to Simatai and Gubeikou to Jinshanling.

No.3 Mt. Everest

Climbing Mt.Everest is a big challenge for most hikers and the difficulties and dangers will be unimaginable so you should make sure that your body condition are the best to start your journey. Before your journey, you should check and ask the locals the most-climbed routes. By the way, you should prepare some standing drugs and specific drug to resist sickness of high altitude.

No. 4 Motuo

Motuo is situated at the southeast of the Tibetan Autonomous Region. Until now it is still the only county in China with no highway. Here you can witness the images of Shangri-la. It is also the paradise for adventurers and travellers. It will takes you about 9 days to finish the 80-kilometer route from Peixiang to Damu.

No. 5 Tiger Leaping Gorge

IIt is a very famous place in China to hike. You will meet hikers of different nationalities and complexions. The gorge is located 60 kilometers north of Lijiang City, Yunnan. It will take you about two days. By the way, it is not very difficult and dangerous to hike by comparison with that of Mt.Everest.

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Himalayan Trek And Perfection in Trekking Experience

Trekking in the wonderful and pristine places of India is not only an adventure but also a thrill and you are fortunate to be in India for this because this country has some of the wonderful and diverse spots for trekking. You need to know the very fact that if the individual wants to experience the true thrill of trekking, he will have to go towards the mountains in order to make the adventure complete. In India, you are proud to have the diverse mountain ranges and these become the excellent spots for the trekkers of different experience levels. The professional or the beginner will enjoy the wonderful trekking in India and the country will definitely make you a trek expert if you have the zeal as well as the dedication.

You have got the amazing sceneries of nature and the Himalayan trek in India is itself an experience of lifetime. When you go for the Indian treks, the first and foremost thing you need to keep in mind is that it will indeed be a nerve tingling experience. The country will provide you a wonderful opportunity to excel in the trekking world. You will have the wonderful experience with the Himalayan ranges. When you go for the Himalayan trekking Tours, you find it is a deadly combination of some wonderful beauty spots and also the awe sensation that is filled in the mind of the trekker.

Both these factors are responsible for taking the person on the path of perfection. When you go to the Kumaon and Garhwal, you are not only touched by the scenic beauty of the Himalayas but also the wonderful people who have a great impact on your heart. Himalayas trekking is really an interesting experience and it is not only the adventure but the interaction with the different forms of beauty at it s best. Small, huts, meadows and the stunning waters of the Himalayan region provide you an experience that is quite enchanting. Some of the wonderful places for the purpose of trekking in India are Kumaon, Ladakh, Garhwal, kerala, Goa, Uttar Kashi, Bangalore, Meghalaya and Sikkim and all these are the exciting belts for the purpose of trekking.

One of the interesting trekking spots of pristine elegance is the Kuari pass. You will feel as if you are walking in the clouds and the experience will not only be amazing but also spellbound. It is a pass and is located at a height of 4268 meters and is located in Garhwal Himalayas exactly speaking at the heart of the district of Chimoli. It is also called as Curzon’s trial and you can find breathtaking view of eastern peaks of the Himalayas located in this region. It is actually a point that divides the two sections of the incredible Himalayas. It is advised if you go for the Himalayan trekking tours in consultation with reputed travel company. You have multiple benefits and these include comfort as well as safety also.