The Best Wildlife Sanctuaries in Shimla

Shimla, the capital city of Himachal Pradesh, is one of the most popular hill stations in north region of India. The term hill station was created during the British rule in India. Hill stations are pleasant destinations, with moderate climate, located on elevated grounds which made them popular for Brits who had troubles in getting used to the hot and humid climate in other parts of India. Shimla is surrounded by snow clad mountains of Himalaya Range, and it is a very popular tourist destination that attracts thousands of tourists every year.

The snowy mountain peaks that envelop Shimla Valley offer breathtaking view to tourists, and its hilly terrain is covered with evergreen forests of oak, rhododendron and pine. And to add to the peace and serenity of the location, traffic is banned from most of the central area known as Mall. Nothing can compare to pristine air of Shimla.

Shimla Tourism:

Considering the preferences and interests of tourists, Shimla tourism is offering a lot of different recreational activities. During your Shimla tour you can take a long walks in through the forests, go trekking and camping in the mountains, have a picnic on several popular picnic spots, go ice skating or even play golf. Shimla tours are popular for those who enjoy quiet and relaxing vacation, but also for those who enjoy adventure and excitement.

One of the reasons Shimla is popular as a tourist destination in North India, is because of its wildlife tourism. Several wildlife sanctuaries are offering tourists a great opportunity to explore extraordinary flora and fauna of this region.

Popula Shimla wildlife sanctuaries:

Churdhar Sanctuary: This unique wildlife sanctuary is situated in the Solan Valley in Shimla district. If you decide to visit Churhar, you will be able to see musk deer, barking dear, black bears, langurs, beautiful leopards and colourful monals.

Chail Sanctuary: Located 49 kilometres from Shimla, Chail is home to sambar, large deer, common in this part of Asia together with barking deer, muntjac, goral, that looks like a combination of goat and anthelope, rhesus macaque, leopard, bear, wild boar and porcupine.While visiting Chail you can also explore Chail Palace, famous for its architectural style, and the world?s highest cricket ground owned by the royal family.

Nature Park: It is the most frequently visited place in Kufri, located close to Shimla. Besides incredible rich forests and beautiful orchids that grow there, in this wildlife park you can also see snow leopard and common leopard, Tibetan wolf, brown and black bears, different species of deers and rare birds.

Daranghati Sanctuary: While on your Shimla tour, you can also visit this wildlife sanctuary that is home to several species of pheasants that will thrill every bird unique wildlife sanctuary also has some other species like flying squirrel, palm civet, blue sheep, Himalayan weasel, Himalayan Ibex, leopard, hyena and several types of deers.

All the wildlife parks and sanctuaries in Shimla district are perfectly maintained by the Forest Department. Every considerable step has been taken by the department to save the endangered species of birds and animals from extinction. The best time for your Shimla tour package and visiting these places would be from April till June and from October till November.

Himalayan Trek And Perfection in Trekking Experience

Trekking in the wonderful and pristine places of India is not only an adventure but also a thrill and you are fortunate to be in India for this because this country has some of the wonderful and diverse spots for trekking. You need to know the very fact that if the individual wants to experience the true thrill of trekking, he will have to go towards the mountains in order to make the adventure complete. In India, you are proud to have the diverse mountain ranges and these become the excellent spots for the trekkers of different experience levels. The professional or the beginner will enjoy the wonderful trekking in India and the country will definitely make you a trek expert if you have the zeal as well as the dedication.

You have got the amazing sceneries of nature and the Himalayan trek in India is itself an experience of lifetime. When you go for the Indian treks, the first and foremost thing you need to keep in mind is that it will indeed be a nerve tingling experience. The country will provide you a wonderful opportunity to excel in the trekking world. You will have the wonderful experience with the Himalayan ranges. When you go for the Himalayan trekking Tours, you find it is a deadly combination of some wonderful beauty spots and also the awe sensation that is filled in the mind of the trekker.

Both these factors are responsible for taking the person on the path of perfection. When you go to the Kumaon and Garhwal, you are not only touched by the scenic beauty of the Himalayas but also the wonderful people who have a great impact on your heart. Himalayas trekking is really an interesting experience and it is not only the adventure but the interaction with the different forms of beauty at it s best. Small, huts, meadows and the stunning waters of the Himalayan region provide you an experience that is quite enchanting. Some of the wonderful places for the purpose of trekking in India are Kumaon, Ladakh, Garhwal, kerala, Goa, Uttar Kashi, Bangalore, Meghalaya and Sikkim and all these are the exciting belts for the purpose of trekking.

One of the interesting trekking spots of pristine elegance is the Kuari pass. You will feel as if you are walking in the clouds and the experience will not only be amazing but also spellbound. It is a pass and is located at a height of 4268 meters and is located in Garhwal Himalayas exactly speaking at the heart of the district of Chimoli. It is also called as Curzon’s trial and you can find breathtaking view of eastern peaks of the Himalayas located in this region. It is actually a point that divides the two sections of the incredible Himalayas. It is advised if you go for the Himalayan trekking tours in consultation with reputed travel company. You have multiple benefits and these include comfort as well as safety also.

Explore The Oceans With Sipadan Diving Centre

Do you want to know more about Sipadan Diving Centre? Those who love to explore the world and the different things it has to offer know that there is a vast world beyond what we see. Sometimes it exists in the form of the caves that take us through their spiraling ways and make us discover the depths beneath the surface. For those of us who love exploring the oceans, scuba diving is a medium through which we can get close to the marine life and learn more about it by becoming a part of it for some time.

And sometimes we explore the beauty of nature in the hidden serenity of the oceans. Scuba diving our way through the nooks and corners of the seas makes us discover the treasures they hide and the splendid sights they behold. With all these features and a lot more to offer, the diving center at the Sipadan Islands in Malaysia is one such place where not only the entire experience of scuba diving but your love for exploring the deep blue seas also gets redefined.

The most unique aspect of this diving center in Malaysia is the presence of hammerheads in its water almost 50 meters deep and this is one of the things why tourists and scuba divers from all over the world flock what is one of the most amazing Sipadan resorts. The hammerheads are more often found on one corner of the Sipadan Islands but can easily be found if you go deep diving early morning.

Although famous for its macro life, the islands also have to offer a lot of micro life too such as frog fish, ghost pipe fish, leaf fish and tiny octopus. Among the macro life that one gets to witness here are a large number of turtles and white tip sharks that make your scuba diving experience here all the more unforgettable.

Even with the remote location of the Sipadan Islands, the list of marine attractions here is quite impressive and fascinating as it gives every scuba diver a chance to come across bigger sized fish like a whole circulating large school of barracuda, containing so many fish in it that even the sunlight gets blocked out. Also boasting of a numerous reef sharks, huge schools of trevally swimming by and a large number of passing bumphead parrotfish, this island is the center for big fish exploration.

The Sipadan Diving Centre provides all the tourists, whether divers or not, accommodations and tour packages at amazingly reasonable rates, which include food, the Sipadan permit, three dives under the supervision of diving instructors, three tanks alongside weights and weight belts and boat travel to Semporna and back. The lovers of scuba diving can visit the center at any time of the year but the best time to be here is from April to December since the months before that could experience rough weather conditions and bad visibility. So, why wait? Hurry up, pack your scuba diving gear and dive into the warm, blue oceans of the Sipadan Islands, Malaysia.